Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Law & Order's Anthony Anderson Talks Diabetes, Bernie Mac and More

Wednesday, October 12, 2011
HuffPost Black Voices recently caught up with the former "Law & Order" actor, who spoke candidly about his experience with the metabolic disorder, as well as his tribute to late comedian Bernie Mac, the status of "Scary Movie 5" and bringing diversity to the Golf Channel.
WATCH: O'Reilly's Huge Argument With Tavis Smiley, Cornel West
Obama's Jobs Plan Shot Down
Is 'Reed Between The Lines' A Winner?
Michele Bachmann Blasts Herman Cain's 'Devil' 9-9-9 Tax Plan
Alma and Colin Powell: Counting Success One Student, One Community at a Time
The volume of conversation about education has increased over the last few years, but what's often lost are the very real stories of the young people whose lives are impacted and the people and programs that are beating the odds.
Marisa Moore: Preventing Childhood Obesity: Tips for Parents
We could debate why childhood obesity has more than tripled in the past 30 years but that won't do much to reverse the trend. Here are some ways to ward off childhood obesity starting with your own home today.
Michael W. Waters: Pretty Girl Rock
Our daughter has grown to become a determined, strong-minded, opinionated, confident, ultra-cute little girl. She is a fighter, and undoubtedly, she has needed every ounce of fight within her to make it this far.
Demetria Irwin: Occupying Wall Street 140 Characters at a Time
Occupy Wall Street has spread all over the country with varying rates of participation and police response, but for now, for me, I'm content with my armchair activism and research.
Earl Ofari Hutchinson: How Herman Cain Peddles the Delusion that Racism is Dead
Herman Cain knew two things were certain to happen when he blathered that racism doesn't hold anybody back. One, it would get the media tongues wagging furiously. Two, it would increase the rapture of ultra-conservatives for him. He was right.

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