Wednesday, November 23, 2011

HuffPost World Daily Brief: Egypt Clashes.. Russian Missiles.. Dog Fetches Vodka..

Wednesday, November 23, 2011
CAIRO -- International criticism of Egypt's military rulers mounted Wednesday as police clashed for a fifth day with protesters demanding the generals relinquish power immediately. A rights group raised the death toll for the wave of violence to at least 38.
Yemeni Leader Agrees To Sign Power Transfer Deal
WATCH: Dog Trained To Fetch Vodka
George Clooney On Silvio Berlusconi Sex Trial Witness List
Street Battles In Bahrain
Medvedev: Russian Missiles May Target U.S. Missile Defense Sites
Kate Allen: Egypt's Stillborn Revolution
The army and the people are certainly no longer one. Indeed the euphoria of Egypt's 25 January uprising has been replaced by fears that one repressive rule has simply been replaced with another.
Amb. Marc Ginsberg: Unholy Alliance: Egypt's Military & The Muslim Brotherhood
Despite protestations of its purported political neutrality Egypt's besieged military leadership has been secretly funneling financial, food, and security support to Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood and its allied Salafist parties in the run up to next week's parliamentary elections.
Bernard-Henri Lévy: In the Face of Financial Crisis, Redo Ancient History
Rome and Athens, epicenters of the economic and financial storm currently shaking Europe and the world. You read it right: Rome and Athens. In other words, the two cradles of Europe.
Alexander Goerlach: Long Live Italy!
Italy needs a renaissance. Thankfully, that's an idea they are familiar with.
Wael Nawara: SCAF Chief Is a Few Steps Behind Protesters' Demands
What people wanted to hear was a clear plan to hold presidential elections within weeks not months, elections which would deliver Egypt from military to civilian rule.

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